Monday, October 20, 2008

Singing Auditions

I will not spend time working on audition material with students involved in the Crucible until that show is completed! That show is where your priorities must be, stay focused.
Singing Auditions will be held on December 16th and December 17th (Tuesday and Wednesday).
Here are the guidelines:
  1. You will sign up for a 1 hour slot with 11 other people (12 total, 5 minutes each)
  2. Come prepared with your song, (more details on which one) you'll sing one at a time.
  3. Anybody is welcome to sit in at any time, As long as you are willing to sit in for the hour (in other words, no walking in and out just to see 1 friend)
  4. Be supportive of each other
  5. Remember, preparedness erases nervousness!

Auditions should be a chance for us (Mr. Owens, Mr. Stelmach, Mrs. Messina, Mr. Carreras, etc..) to see your best work. With that thought, of course you can have a part in your mind that you might want to do, but make sure to sing something that shows off your best abilities. Always sing to have fun, like noone is watching; if you belt it out at home or with friends, do that for us, don't be afriad to show everyone the talents you have. After the fall show is over, I will be available after school (after Middle School, 2:45 or so) to work with you!

Once we get some time, I will work with Mrs. Messina to pick the songs that we will do in the song teach, and I will post that info here. Questions? E-mail me.

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