Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thoroughly Modern Millie

So this year's show is Thoroughly Modern Millie! It's going to be great!
Here is a main character breakdown, I took this right from wikipedia, and find it to be accurate:

  • Millie Dillmount - belter , mezzo-soprano A young, "modern" woman from Kansas.

  • Jimmy Smith - tenor or high baritone An attractive young paperclip salesman.

  • Trevor Graydon - bass-baritone Sincere Trust Insurance Co. head boss.

  • Miss Dorothy Brown - soprano A new actress in town, Millie's best friend.

  • Mrs. Meers - alto Evil owner of the Hotel Priscilla.

  • Ching Ho - tenor or baritone Chinese henchman, falls in love with Miss Dorothy.

  • Bun Foo - tenor or baritone Chinese henchman, focused more on the task at hand.

  • Muzzy van Hossmere - mezzo-soprano / alto Singer and bon vivant, an old acquaintance of Jimmy.

  • Miss Flannery - belter - Head stenographer at Sincere Trust.

  • Lucille, Rita, Alice, Cora, Gloria, Ruth. Ethel - Millie's Friends

There are a few other smaller roles that aren't listed here...yet.
Go to iTunes and search for Thoroughly Modern Millie, click on this logo:

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