Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Audition Pieces...

Hi Everyone...
To the right you'll see some .pdf files to download - it is the sheet music to what you will be asked to sing in the auditions. It'd be a good idea to buy the album so you have an idea of what this stuff sounds like.

Here is a brief synopsis of voice parts:

Millie - Mezzo/Belter. Must belt a C
Dorothy - Soprano. Should have some "legit" tone quality, as well as light jazz
Meers - Alto, must be able to speak in a charicature Chinese accent
Muzzy - Mezzo/Belter. Need a heavy/dirty jazz belt. Lower voice part than Millie

Jimmy - Tenor. High G, light tone, light on his feet
Graydon - Baritone. Mid-range male part (interested in Ching Ho or Bun Foo.. sing this part)

Starting after Thanksgiving, I will put up a sign-up sheet for 20 minute slots to coach anyone interested. See the stage door. Please understand "coaching" is not "teaching parts." Please come prepared.

There will be a general song teach for all parts at some point before auditions. Please check this site, as well as the stage door regularly for any updates. (Also, here's another plug for an RSS feed reader). www.google.com/reader

I have a feeling that the dance audition will be competitive - we are limited to slots - so be prepared. Come to the first dance workshop, next Wednesday December 3rd.

See you soon, and have a great Thanksgiving!

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