Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crew Interviews and Cast auditions

Hi Everyone,
On Monday November 24th, we will get together and talk about audition specifics. I will have everything laid out by then. Also at that time, you will get a copy of:
  1. Contract to be signed/returned at your audition
  2. Copy of audition song (sheet music)
  3. T-Shirt order form,
  4. Car-wash fundraiser order form
  5. DVD order form
  6. Showbill advertisement ordering information
Please note, all files that I have for you will be available on the right hand side of this page.
Right now I'm putting up the Crew List without any names in it. I will just put names in after interviews.
A little bit later (maybe tomorrow), I will be putting a cast list up (without your names in it, yet) So that you can see what is available.
I'm making these available now, but please realize they could change after auditions/interviews.

Dates to Remember:
  • Friday, December 12 - Crew Interview
  • Monday, December 15 - Dance Auditions
  • Tues/Weds., December 16, 17 - Singing Auditions - Don't forget contract
  • Thursday, December 18 - Call backs if necessary
  • Friday, December 19 - Post Cast list, leads pick up script copies.
Take a look at the side bar documents!

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